Here is a little bit about me!

I am a graphic designer, sometimes an illustrator and attempting to be a letterer. I am a total over-sharer, just ask my Instagram feed. I love dogs and hate coffee (insert gasp here). I love making new friends. I am a craft show go-er and seller with my Momma. I love having intelligent and meaningful conversations—especially with old people. Everyone has a story and deserves to tell it. I want to work on projects to make people happy. I want to take something that someone has a vision and make it better than they ever imagined. I am still finding my passions, my interests, and my purpose in this big world. I want to make awesome things and make people happy. I strive to learn and grow everyday in my designs and in my life.

Check out my Instagram feed! Its mostly pictures of my dog...and inspirational things and projects I'm working on and the people I love!